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Microsoft Excel official training content
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Access to 25+ resources of free official Microsoft Excel content including:

  • Getting started5 lessons of free content that helps you to create a workbook, save your workbook to OneDrive, analyse and format, collaborate and more.
  • Creating a new workbook7 lessons of free content that takes you through inserting, deleting, moving or copying a worksheet or worksheet data, printing a worksheet or workbook, using Excel as a calculator, filling in data automatically in worksheet cells and creating a dropdown list.
  • Collaboration5 lessons of free content including sharing a document; real-time co-authoring; protecting your workbook and adding or removing passwords from workbooks.
  • Formulas and functionsFree content that takes you from creating, displaying and hiding formulas to adding and counting Excel data.
  • Importing and Analysing8 lessons of free content including importing data from external sources, refreshing an external data connection.
  • QuickStart GuideA free simple, quick guide to get you started with navigation, sharing, views, status, toolbar, styles, co-authoring and sharing.

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